CaveSim in pictures:

CaveSim inspires awe and a lasting love of the natural world. Photo by Thomas Graves.



CaveSim is fun for people of all ages and abilities. Photos by Thomas Graves, Gill Gilliland, and Dave Bunnell.


Highly-realistic cave passage is filled with electronically-sensed cave formations. Shown here are helictites, with the inset showing real cave passage and real helictites. Interactive electronic lessons linked to the formations teach visitors about conservation as they explore. Photo by Dan O'Sullivan.



Because we care deeply about conservation education, CaveSim includes a rich diversity of formation types, artifacts, and cave biota (bats, salamanders, invertebrates, etc.) All objects interact electronically with visitors to teach cave conservation concepts. We replicate real objects (like the Caverns of Sonora butterfly) just by looking at pictures.


CaveSim is often explored by many people with disabilities and special needs. This young woman bravely explored CaveSim twice.



CaveSim is the basis for so many different types of lessons. Above, a boy learns self confidence and self reliance in a vertical CaveSim system (at CityROCK Climbing Center). Photo by Mark Reis, Colorado Springs Gazette.



Above left, learning about water conservation and the role of caves in protecting our water.  Above right, kids learn about bat biology.



At CaveSim, we believe that people only protect what they love, and only love what they understand. We strive to teach kids and adults to love caves, bats, water, and the many other natural resources associated with cave and karst ecosystems. Photos by participant parent.


We would be honored to create an incredible CaveSim system for you, or to bring CaveSim to you for an outstanding program.  We look forward to working with you!