Making cave exploration available to all people

A child with disabilities in both legs is victorious after exploring a mobile CaveSim system.
A student in a Life Skills class learns how to ascend a rope with help from CaveSim staff (left) and his teacher (right).

A student who normally uses a wheelchair experiences the thrill of cave exploration as his classmates lift him up the CaveSim vertical caving tower. This drone footage (taken by school staff) has no audio.

CaveSim: educating everyone for a brighter future

CaveSim is for everyone

People of all backgrounds and ability levels regularly participate in CaveSim. Kids with physical and developmental disabilities love exploring CaveSim, and they often have great success even without using the accommodations that our systems include. Their success strengthens their confidence, and inspires other participants to explore bravely. Be Brave, Go Cave!

The young man on the right explored CaveSim 5 times during his visit to CaveSim. His dad only helped him on his first trip, and the young man even climbed up to the upper level of the mobile cave by himself.

How CaveSim systems are accessible:

A CaveSim squeezebox is a great way for people of all ability levels to get comfortable moving their bodies before they explore a mobile or permanent CaveSim system.

100% participation
“The students were absolutely amazed by the experience and I had 100% participation which was amazing! I appreciate Dave and his team for being so welcoming and accommodating for us. I felt it was a very inclusive activity event. I was even further impressed that they were already thinking ahead on how to make it more inclusive for students with physical limitations including those with wheelchairs.”

Cortney Lyon, Special Education lead teacher, Fremont Elementary, Glendale, CA