Our customers:

State and Federal Agencies

We’ve had the honor of collaborating with numerous agencies, including:

  • US Forest Service
    • Public programs in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota
  • National Park Service
    • Public programs at Wind Cave NP, Jewel Cave NM, Timpanogos Cave NM, and Cumberland Gap NHP
    • Video production of conservation education materials for the Buffalo National River
    • Programs for the Mammoth Cave Environmental Education team at several Kentucky schools
  • US Bureau of Land Management
    • Free public education events in South Dakota and Colorado at sites such as The Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)
    • Mueller State Park’s annual Outdoor Skills Day (attended since 2015)
    • Numerous after-school programs for the CPW SOLE program
    • Educator training and public event at The Wildlife Experience
    • Distance-learning programs for CPW-sponsored schools, including live online classes and recorded lessons
  • Arizona State Parks, Kartchner Caverns events in 2014, 2015, and 2017

One reason that agencies love working with CaveSim is that we always stay true to our mission of educating the public about the importance of resource conservation. If you work with us, you’ll find that our passion for conservation comes across loud and clear, and makes our staff extremely effective educators.

Conservation topics covered during CaveSim programs:

We’d love to work with your organization, and there are many ways for us to collaborate.

Enjoying CaveSim at a US Forest Service program in Helena, MT
An adult has fun exploring CaveSim at an NPS program in Kentucky
Kids at Cumberland Gap NHP have fun checking their careful-caver scores on the CaveSim computer.

"Excellent... for kids and adults alike"
“Great education and awareness demonstration. Not too long, not too short. Excellent awareness exercise for kids and adults alike.”

Jim Goodbar, Senior Cave and Karst Resources Specialist, BLM

"Loved having you"
"We LOVED having you at the Pactola Visitor Center last summer!”

Halley Legge, Support Services Specialist, USFS

Create joy. Change the world.

If your organization strives to make the world better by teaching the public about science and conservation, collaborating with CaveSim is a logical next step. We provide world-class traveling educational programs and one-of-a-kind artificial cave systems that could be the perfect addition to your programs.

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