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Simple and reasonable

Hands-on learning
inspires love of learning

An event your visitors will never forget.

If your organization cares about providing truly memorable experiences that educate the public, CaveSim is a perfect partner for you. Our stated goal is to make learning so much fun that visitors of all ages don’t realize that they’re learning. This is why each event is facilitated by passionate, highly trained educators who also happen to be talented cave explorers, inventors, and leaders. Your guests are guaranteed to have fun, but our program is also about much more than that. 

The 3 most important reasons to work with us:

  • Your visitors will learn exciting things about science, invention, history, cave rescue, and exploration.
  • Your visitors will have fun, and will be reminded that learning is fun.
  • Your visitors will remember your organization for the amazing experience that they had at CaveSim. The organizations that work with us are those that want to be remembered for providing meaningful events for their communities.

What's included

We’re happy to customize our program to suit your needs. Most organizations choose to have us for a full-day or multi-day event. A typical program includes:

mobile cave

The trailer is 24′ long, but has 60′ of cave inside. Visitors explore multiple levels using rope ladders and climbing holds. The cave is interactive – participants get scored by a computer based on how carefully they explore. See our logistics flyer for setup details.

caving tower

This free-standing tower is used to teach visitors about physics, vertical cave exploration, and rescue. It packs neatly inside the cave trailer; for more info about its size, see our logistics flyer.

Cave rescue Stretcher

We bring a real cave rescue stretcher, and kids of all ages take turns being carried by staff and other visitors. This is a hands-on way for visitors to learn about cave rescue, teamwork, and communication.


This adjustable-height box is a fun way for visitors to challenge themselves. As the height gets adjusted, visitors measure the box with a tape measure to see how tight a spot they can fit through. For safety, the lid is easily lifted.

Rescue phones

Our working cave rescue phones are a fun way to learn about circuits, waves, and electromagnetic energy. Visitors can try the phones before or after exploring the cave.

Incredible demos

We do many demos, including carbide lamps, geology, energy and waves with waterproof speakers, and biology lessons with a real bat skeleton and guano. We’ll read the crowd and present demos that fit the audience.

How we price

It’s simple: we charge a per-day fee and a per-mile fee. Per-mile fees are shared, so the more organizations in your area that book our program, the lower your per-mile fee.

Programs built for you.

Regardless of what type of event you're putting on, we fit our program to your site, your schedule, your visitors, and your unique event.

No hidden fees.

We keep our pricing simple. You'll always know up front what you'll pay to have us at your event.

Pay after your event.

We trust you. We show our trust by allowing you to pay after your program, within 30 days. No deposits are required.

The most memorable event you'll host this year

Most customers who put on an event with CaveSim invite us back, and many do so year after year. That’s because it’s worth it to them to put on a truly memorable event that their visitors will really enjoy.

See how CaveSim compares to the average Event rental:

The CaveSim experience


average cost, including transportation

  • Highly educational
  • Numerous activities running at once
  • Inclusive of all visitors, regardless of ability level
  • A unique experience that visitors can't get elsewhere
  • Engages visitors from age 3 to 103. Fascinating demonstrations and hands-on lessons engage visitors who aren't interested in physical activities.
  • Facilitated by engaging, expert staff

Portable climbing wall


national average, not including transportation charges

  • Limited educational value
  • Only one activity - additional activities cost extra
  • Limited to physically fit visitors
  • A common activity that visitors can find elsewhere
  • Limited age range

Financial resources

Different organizations fund our program using different approaches, so we’ve compiled a list of ideas and resources that we think will be helpful to you.

  • Idea: Some organizations get support from local businesses or other organizations that want to show that they’re doing good work in the local community. We include free advertising for your sponsors: we’ll post a sign on the trailer with info about your sponsors, and we’ll keep the sign up for a year as we travel around the country. On the sign, we’ll include any information that the sponsor would like to share, including website and logo. We also get the word out about sponsors via social media and our website.
  • Resource: Grants available from other organizations

Create joy. Change the world.

CaveSim turns learning into fun. If your organization wants to make the world a better place by teaching kids about science, exploration, and conservation, CaveSim is the perfect addition to your next event.

Schedule your event

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