Cub Scout program, Edmond, OK

This was a fun 1-hour program for about 50 Cub Scouts at Cross Timbers Elementary School.  Thanks to our friend Scott Hall for organizing the program.

Frontier Elementary, Edmond, OK two-day program

We worked with the entire 2nd grade on Thursday, and the entire 5th grade on Friday.  The 5th grade students got to see our new physics lab in which we use cave rescue phones and other hardware to demonstrate electromagnetics, sound waves, and related mathematical concepts.

John Ross Elementary, Edmond, OK

This was our second visit to this school this year.  We worked with the entire 4th grade, and they got to do several of our labs, including Karst Topography and our new physics lab.

Lakeway Elementary School, Austin, TX

The teachers at this school asked to schedule us again for next year even before our program with them was over!  A huge thanks to Patti Calabrese and Amy Morton for helping to staff this program.

Texas Caver Reunion, San Antonio, TX, 3-day event

Our third year bringing CaveSim to TCR was very successful.  Many seasoned cavers had fun exploring the cave, and so did some brand new cavers (both kids and adults).  A huge thank-you to the caving clubs (grottos) and individuals who sponsored our trip to Texas.

Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

We had beautiful weather and wonderful visitors during our first program at Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center.  Photos by Dolores Davis.


Kids have fun learning physics on the CaveSim A-frame (vertical caving tower).


Visitor center founder Lyda Hill, general manager Linda Carter, and special guest Kelli Harris stand with CaveSim owner and inventor Dave Jackson after Lyda explored CaveSim.

Woodland Park Old Fashioned 4th of July

We were thrilled to be able to bring CaveSim to this wonderful event for the fourth consecutive year.  We had great weather and very strong turnout.  Our visitors were grateful for our new air conditioning!


Profoundly Gifted Retreat, Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs

CaveSim founder Dave Jackson (left) belays a participant as she hoists herself up the vertical caving tower.  Photo by David Coleman.

We love bringing our programs to this special retreat for very gifted kids and their families.  This was our fourth consecutive year with PGR, and we had a wonderful time facilitating our STEM labs, including our cave biology lab (with real live cultures), our waterproof flashlight lab, our epidemiology lab, and physics on the 12′ vertical caving tower.  We also had the opportunity to demonstrate conservation of mass using our carbide demo.

Jewel Cave 200th Mile Celebration, Custer, SD, June 27-29

What a cool place to set up CaveSim, overlooking the beautiful Pactola Lake near Custer. Photo by Andrea Fountain, Black Hills Parks & Forests Association.

Dave helps two participants learn about vertical caving using the Frog System on the CaveSim vertical caving tower.  Photo by Andrea Fountain, Black Hills Parks & Forests Association.