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We’ve had the honor of collaborating with so many interesting organizations since 2010. Here are just a few examples:

We’d love to work with your unique organization, and there are many ways for us to collaborate.
A Catamount Institute YES Club participant emerges from CaveSim at a weekend family program
Participants in a summer STEM camp work together on a cave rescue activity
A participant with a physical disability is victorious after exploring all of the mobile cave at a Catamount Institute program in 2020

"A big hit"
“Thank you very much for coming [to the 2010 Cool Science festival]- you guys were a big hit!”

Marc Straub, President, Cool Science

"such a nice job"
"You do such a nice job working with my kids.”

Richelle Gittens, 4th grade teacher and Catamount YES Club educator

Create joy. Change the world.

If your organization strives to make the world better by teaching the public about science and exploration, collaborating with CaveSim makes a lot of sense. We provide world-class traveling educational programs and one-of-a-kind artificial cave systems that could be the perfect addition to your organization’s capabilities.

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