Cave Safely. Cave Softly. CaveSim. CaveSim is a crawl-through electronic cave simulator with video game-type scoring. We are your number one source for cave formation replicas, full scale simulators, and build-your-own cave simulator electronic sensors and related parts.

Artificial cave formation (large)

Artificial cave formation (large)
Be brave, go cave...
$ 36.00
Cross a realistic cave obstacle course...
      With video game scoring for your caving agility...
CaveSim is an electronic caving experience for beginning and experienced cavers of all ages!

We do educational programs and conservation outreach at your site or ours. See photos of our recent events

Order a custom-built cave simulator of any size, or order parts and build your own cave!

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CaveSim designs and builds patented crawl-through caves with realistic cave formations that are electronically sensed to give users feedback about how safely and softly they can cave.  Our mobile cave has 60 feet of crawling passage complete with a talking bat, cave paintings, and real water.  We do events such as search and rescue trainings, conventions, parties, school programs, and more.  We also sell custom built cave simulators and parts.  We are located in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Cave Safely, Cave Softly, CaveSim
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Photo by Chris Aaby
Girl in the entry
Photo by Dave Bunnell