Schools in need

Apply to have CaveSim come to your school

We want everyone to get to experience CaveSim

We want all students, regardless of background, to be able to experience our programs. We wish that we could offer free programs to every school in the country, but there are real costs associated with hauling a 6-ton rig around the US while providing world-class educational programs. As a result, most schools and other organizations pay for our programs (see our very reasonable school program pricing). If your school just can’t afford our programs, we may be able to turn to our sponsors to help fund your program. Follow the steps below to bring CaveSim to your students.

  • 1
    Identify what funding you do have
    Many schools receive Title I funding, or have organizations in the community that are willing to support our programs. Reach out to local businesses or non-profits to see who would be willing to provide support. Be sure to let these groups know that CaveSim recognizes all sponsors with traveling advertising for 12 months.
  • 2
    Submit third-party grants
    We have a list of organizations that support programs like ours, and we've even written example grant applications that you can tweak and submit. Just reach out to us if you need help, and be sure to include in your application the funding that you identified in step 1.
  • 3
    SUbmit a cavesim funding request
    There are lots of schools in need, and you can stand out from the rest by writing a compelling funding request for us to share with our sponsors. Chances are, if you spend just a bit of time writing a compelling story, we'll be able to find a sponsor to bring our program to you. Be sure to include any actions that you took and info that you gathered in the previous steps.

CaveSim program funding request

Please read and follow the steps above. When you get to step 3, fill out the form below. We’ll share your story with our sponsors to see if we can get a generous individual or organization to support a CaveSim program at your school.

  • Tell our sponsors why they should support a CaveSim program at your school. Remember, there are lots of schools in need, so make a compelling case for your school. Please keep in mind that submitting an application does not guarantee that we will be able to find a sponsor to fund a CaveSim program at your school.