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University of South Florida portable cave

For some organizations, a portable cave is more feasible than a trailer or a permanent installation. We construct portable caves in several formats. The system featured here is built in sections that can be easily transported. We also build caves in shipping containers.

About the project

In 2013, we worked with students at USF to create a portable cave for public outreach events. The project was so successful that we worked with students again a year later to expand the cave.

  • Working on a tight budget
    To fit within the students' tight budget, we provided a basic system without score-keeping software, night vision cameras, user tracking, and other advanced features. However, the system still gives visitors feedback about their careful-caving abilities. If a visitor bumps a stalactite or stalagmite, or gets too close to a gypsum flower, sensors detect the "damage" and warn the visitor to be more careful. Because some visitors have visual or auditory impairments, we use both visible and auditory feedback, including red lights, buzzers, and educational audio recordings.

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