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CityROCK Climbing Center

We build CaveSim systems in numerous formats, but permanent installations have unique advantages. The CityROCK cave system is much larger than a mobile or portable cave, and makes use of lots of wasted space behind the walls and under the floor of the gym. Plus, it is fully code compliant.

About the project

This cave has been used in an incredible number of ways, from fire-fighter training to kids camps. It’s so realistic that some adults mistake it for a real cave.

  • Technology makes CaveSim Engaging
    Like our other caves, this installation is filled with tiny computers. If a visitor bumps a stalactite, gets too close to a cave painting, or touches a salamander, sensors deduct a point from the visitors' score and warn them to be more careful. Because some visitors have visual or auditory impairments, we use both visible and auditory feedback, including red lights, buzzers, and educational audio recordings. The system keeps track of how careful visitors are, and visitors review their score on computer screens.
  • real learning happens here, And it's fun.
    Why do kids sign up for Caving Camp at CityROCK time after time? Why does the Colorado Springs Fire Department train here? Because CaveSim is the perfect mix of fun and learning. Kids and adults have so much fun exploring this high-tech cave that they forget that they're learning.

What we built:

  • 225' of realistic cave passage with multiple levels
  • A 40' deep vertical entrance (as tall as the building!)
  • Over 50 artificial cave formations, critters, and artifacts, all with electronic sensors to give visitors a careful-caving score as they explore
  • Two night-vision cameras for visitors to watch friends
  • Dozens of climbing holds and a rope ladder

Project highlights

  • Used by rescue teams, adult classes, kids camps, and a yearly haunted cave
  • Travel Channel featured CaveSim at CityROCK in The World's Coolest Climbing Gyms. "The real uniqueness of this gym is beneath its tall, traditional climbing walls. CityROCK is home to a network of 225 feet of artificial rock corridors, complete with a 40-foot rappel. The realistic system allows people to practice climbing in fragile cave systems."
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Fully complaint with building and fire codes. We worked with an international code development firm to write new standards for this CaveSim system, which helped local fire inspectors to sign off on the project with confidence.
  • Construction started in 2013. Since then, this system has experienced an incredible test of durability: years of use by the public with minimal supervision. And it has passed with flying colors – this project has needed very little maintenance since opening.

A detailed look:

Project videos:

Project features:

  • Climate control.
  • State-of-the-art safety systems, including emergency lighting, reflective signage, fire alarm and sprinkler systems.
  • Public Address system for communicating with participants.
  • Realistic water sounds customized to each portion of the cave.
  • Emergency egress – participants are never more than 12.5' from an exit.
  • In-cave computer monitors to allow participants to check their score without leaving the cave.

Create joy. Change the world.

CaveSim turns learning into fun. If your organization wants to make the world a better place by teaching kids about science, exploration, and conservation, a CaveSim system might be the perfect addition to your facility.

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