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The first CaveSim Trailer

When it comes to our mobile cave projects, we like to highlight the first trailer we built because of its long track record of educating the public about science and conservation. If your organization wants to make education fun, a mobile CaveSim system is the perfect way for you to dramatically expand your outreach.

About the project

We started building the first mobile cave in 2008. Our goal was to teach Search & Rescue trainees how to work in caves without destroying them. We quickly discovered that schools and the public love CaveSim, and we transitioned to using this mobile cave primarily to teach kids to love and protect caves.

  • Technology makes CaveSim Engaging
    Like every cave we create, this one is filled with a network of tiny computers that teach visitors about conservation. If a visitor bumps a stalactite, gets too close to a cave painting, or touches a salamander, they receive feedback from the system to help them learn to be more careful. Because some visitors have visual or auditory impairments, we use both visible and auditory feedback, including red lights, buzzers, and educational audio recordings. After visitors exit the cave, they review their score on computer screens.
  • real learning happens here, And it's fun.
    Why do we get invited to bring this mobile cave back to schools year after year, and sometimes twice in one school year? Why do public events ask us to keep coming back? Because CaveSim is the perfect mix of fun and learning. Kids (and adults) have so much fun exploring this high-tech mobile cave that they forget that they're learning.

Put to the test – and passed

This CaveSim system has experienced the best kind of durability test: many years of real world use. And it has passed with flying colors.

While nothing we (or anyone) can build is truly indestructible, this project has needed very little maintenance over the years.

The specs:

A detailed look at this project:

Other project features:

Create joy. Change the world.

CaveSim turns learning into fun. If your organization wants to make the world a better place by teaching kids about science, exploration, and conservation, a CaveSim system might be the perfect addition to your programs.

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