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Great Basin National Park CaveSim Trailer

When it comes to our mobile cave projects, we are most proud of the exhibit that we built for the National Park Service. If your organization wants to make education fun, a mobile CaveSim system is the perfect way for you to dramatically expand your outreach.

About the project

The staff at Great Basin National Park (GRBA) first approached us about building a mobile cave for them in 2016. We began construction on the system in 2018, even before the park received funding for the project. In the fall of 2022, GRBA received full funding for the mobile exhibit. Exactly 300 days later (on July 20, 2023), we delivered the GRBA cave on time, on budget, and on spec. CaveSim inventor Dave Jackson stayed at GRBA for a week to ensure that the system was running smoothly, and to allow visitors to explore the new cave while training GRBA staff. Both kids and adults love the new exhibit, and staff are extremely impressed.

  • Technology makes CaveSim Engaging
    Like every cave we create, this one is filled with a network of tiny computers that teach visitors about conservation. If a visitor bumps a stalactite, gets too close to a cave painting, or touches a bat or packrat, they receive feedback from the system to help them learn to be more careful. Because some visitors have visual or auditory impairments, we use both visible and auditory feedback, including red lights, buzzers, and educational audio recordings. After visitors exit the cave, they review their score on computer screens.
  • New helmet tracking improves scoring
    The GRBA CaveSim system includes helmets that track each visitor's progress through the mobile cave. This allows the system to determine which visitor touched which cave formation, and each visitor receives their own score after exiting the cave. A digital map of the cave allows family members outside the cave to track each explorer as they navigate the cave passage. This system was designed and built entirely by the CaveSim inventor, and makes the cave very easy to operate. The helmet trackers automatically turn the caving headlamps on (and off) when visitors enter (and exit) the CaveSim system.

A professional display

Worthy of the US National Park Service and their high standards for exhibit quality, our mobile cave is a highly professional display, both inside and out. An easy-to-use display drawer holds interpretive materials as well as helmets for visitors. The helmet batteries charge right in the storage cubbies, and colorful, eye-catching signage and photos teach participants about cave conservation. Greenery around the exhibit is so realistic that even well-educated adults have mistaken it for real plants.

The specs:

A map of the GRBA mobile cave

A photo tour of the GRBA CaveSim exhibit

Other project features:

Mt. Moriah 4-H club kids gather by the entrance of CaveSim at Great Basin NP

Create joy. Change the world.

CaveSim turns learning into fun. If your organization wants to make the world a better place by teaching kids about science, exploration, and conservation, a CaveSim system might be the perfect addition to your programs.

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