We had a great time working with this fantastic school for the first time.  We worked with about 155 students in grades pre-K through 6 from 8AM-2:50PM, and had phenomenal help from Patricia Malone.  A big thank-you to teacher Miles Groth for working with us to organize this program, and for taking all of the photos below.

Personal challenge, teamwork, & learning are all hallmarks of kids’ experiences with the CaveSim vertical caving tower.

The cave rescue stretcher is another great team-building activity. Today, CaveSim facilitator Patricia Malone (in the blue shirt at the back) led this lesson.

In the foreground, students play a bat echolocation game, while students in the background learn about pulleys on the vertical caving tower.

The mobile CaveSim system is always really popular, even with the youngest students. Cascade, CO is a wonderfully picturesque place for a program, and we enjoyed the smell of juniper the whole day!

CaveSim is not just for little kids! Ute Pass Elementary includes 6th grade, and the older students had a great time exploring and competing for the best CaveSim score.

Even teachers enjoy participating in CaveSim programs. Here, students work hard to lift a teacher on the CaveSim tower. Of course, they’re working only about one fifth as hard as they would work without the 5:1 pulley system. Hooray for physics! 


Video by Kristen Sherwood.