About 43 kids from the US Air Force Academy’s Youth Center explored CaveSim today and learned all about bats and caves.  They even practiced cave rescue using the sked that was donated earlier this year by Nigel Dyson.
Almost done!

A boy exploring CaveSim. Kids kept asking to go through again!  Photo: Tracy Jackson

Kids thank Dick Blenz

Kids and staff thank Corporal Dick Blenz, a WWII veteran and caver who sponsored the CaveSim trip to USAFA.  Photo: Dave Jackson

Kids play with the sked

Kids learn about how difficult cave rescue is.  They’re moving a sked (like a stretcher) that contains the weight of an adult man.  Photo: Tracy Jackson

Kids at USAFAKids gather with Kyla (USAFA staff) and Dave to thank Dick Blenz for sponsoring the CaveSim program.