Thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, we had a great day at The Wildlife Experience (TWE) in Parker, CO. First, we taught 25 educators a variety of hands-on lessons for teaching their students about bats and cave conservation.  The educators had a great time – several went through CaveSim more than once, and one educator even volunteered to be carried around in our cave rescue litter.  One educator and a TWE staff member even took the challenge of making their own map of CaveSim.  After lunch, CaveSim was available to all museum visitors at no extra charge. There were also live bat demonstrations.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) provided the funding that made it possible for us to bring CaveSim to this event — CPW also does an outstanding job of working with local cavers as they do research about White Nose Syndrome.

Time-lapse video of at The Wildlife Experience.