33 students visited the CaveSim garage today to learn about caves and bats.  The students crawled through CaveSim, played Bat and Moth, enjoyed the Bat Migration Challenge, and checked out our new bat skeleton.  Quote of the day: Student: “This helmet has mud on it!” Dave: “That’s real cave mud, which is just decomposed limestone.  It’s the cleanest mud you’ll ever see!”
Atlas student Amber exits the sqeeze        Atlas student Hailie in the crawlway

Amber (left) and Hailie (right) from Atlas Prep enjoy CaveSim during their REACH summer program. Photos: Kelsey, REACH staff.

Hailie plays Bat and Moth

Hailie, playing Bat And Moth, tries to tag other students (moths) using her echolocation. Photo: Kelsey, REACH

Quentin plays the bat

Quentin plays the part of a bat in the Bat Migration Challenge. The orange tape represents a bat armband (bats get banded for scientific research, just like birds).  Photo: Kelsey, REACH.