We ran a Kickstarter campaign to put CaveSim on the road in an enclosed trailer, and we had 100 backers (see list below) from around the world donate over $6000 to our project.  If you are a backer, thank you — you made our project a success.  You’ll receive your thank-you gift soon, if you asked for one.  If you weren’t a backer, you can still participate in our epic adventure: visit us at MayaCon, June 25-29, 2012 or at CoolScience in Colorado Springs in October, 2012, or visit our online gear store – your purchase helps support cave education programs and conservation outreach for youth and adults.  Thanks!
Dick Blenz and Dave in front of CaveSim
Dave with Dick Blenz, who made two phenomenally generous donations to the CaveSim trailer project. Like Dave, Dick is an electrical engineer, and the two had a great time talking.  Dick has many incredible stories, is extremely nice, and would like to remind you, “Never step on a cable” and “Connectors are the weak point of any system.” Fortunately, CaveSim has redundant connectors to eliminate single-point failures.  Photo: Gill Gilliland.
Scott sporting CaveSim shirt
Scott Hall sporting his new CaveSim t-shirt, which he received for backing CaveSim on Kickstarter.  Scott says, “The T-shirt came in and it’s great!”  Photo: Scott and Amy Hall.
A huge thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers:
Brentan and Liz Alexander
David Barnes
Larry Bartel
Maureen and Bill Barton
Bogdan Belcea
Carl Bern
Eva Bigham
Andrew Blackstock
Dick Blenz (see note below)
Amie Bonner
Ken Brickman
Derek Bristol
Tilman Brock
Marc Buursink
Mike and Lisette Casey
Maggie Chumbley
Marshall and Shannon Comisar
Ann-Li and Mike Cooke
Andrea Corlett
Andrea Croskrey
Helen Dyer
Jerry Elliott
Floyd Fernandez
Lee Fielder
Eleonora Florance
Jennifer Foote
Amy Fortier
Emily Fox
Mike Frazier
Alan Gilbert
Gill and Theresa Gilliland
Scott Gilliland
Squirrel Girl
Annie Graeter
Christi Graeter
Bill Gray
Michael Green
Andrew and Tricia Gregg
Michael and Fish Gundlach
Scott and Amy Hall
Paula Hanson
Mark Harris
PJ Hart
Leah Holloway
Dave Hughes
Bruce Hutchison
Juli and Robert Jackson
Mary Kay and Charles Jackson
Brad and Alice Kaanta
Adam Kaczmarek
Ben and Sarah Knighten
Kathryn Koerschner
Adam Lake
Nathan and Elizabeth Long
Joe Manganiello
Matt and Laura Martin
Karla Mayne
Sally McCraken
Cassandra Meyers
Robert Montgomery
Nancy Pistole
Jeff Polk
Bru Randall
Dirk Rasmussen
Marty Reames
Chris Rehorn
Sarah Richards
Steve Roach
Christina and Jesse Rochette
Cynthia Rogers
Paul Ryan
Paul Schwotzer
Susan Sexton
Jonny Slumpff
Sandy Smith
Alex Sproul
Rob Stitt
Bill Stringfellow
Tyler Stuart
Marie Sullivan
Cullen Sutton
David Torcivia
Louis Towles
Bill Tozer
Doug Warner
Jessica Watkins
Meredith Weberg
Glenn Wood
Keith Wheeland
Peter Youngbaer
Greg Yukl
Richard Zabawa
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SpeleoOlympics 2012: CaveSim to be the main event
John Pearson and Jeff Bray, the organizers of the 2012 NSS Convention (MayaCon), have made CaveSim the main event for the SpeleoOlympics (aka Speleolympics) at the Convention.  Be sure to stop by to try to beat the current records in the women’s, men’s and youth categories, set by Larissa Phillips, Derek Bristol and Philip Weaver, respectively.  We also plan to have a squeezebox and a navigation challenge as part of the SpeleoOlympics.  Regardless of whether you compete or not, CaveSim will be free to all attendees at the Convention, which will be in Lewisburg, West Virginia (June 25-29).