Debbie Moore and Rick Gordon of SpeleoSoap have generously donated a large number of their new car fresheners to make CaveSim smell like a real cave.  The car fresheners inside CaveSim were a big hit at MayaCon, where people were amazed when they smelled the fresheners.  Dave opened the back of CaveSim for photographers and special guests several times, and each time a wave of awesome cave smell would waft out.  One man said, “No way!” when Dave told him that we had cave scent inside.  When he smelled the freshener hanging on the entrance of CaveSim, he was totally convinced.
SpeleoSoap is now a proud sponsor of our free general public and caver-specific events.  To paraphrase Debbie Moore, SpeleoSoap wants to give back to the caving community by sponsoring CaveSim because cavers have been so supportive of SpeleoSoap over the years.  At CaveSim, we’re really grateful that SpeleoSoap is supporting our cave education and conservation outreach initiative, and we hope that you will purchase amazing soaps and other products from SpeleoSoap.  You can shop for SpeleoSoap here, or visit their blog, or check out SpeleoSoap on Facebook.  Thanks!
Oh, and one more story: I spent so much time with CaveSim at MayaCon that when I went caving in Piercy’s Mill on Friday I thought for an instant, “It smells like CaveSim in here” until I realized that it was the other way around. Totally true story.
The commA caver at MayaCon competes in the Communication Challenge by trying to string comm wire through CaveSim without touching the formations.  Note the black SpeleoSoap bat hanging between the entrance and exit.  Photo by Natalie Pheasant.