Anna came with her dad to visit the CaveSim mad scientist lab to learn about electronics for her school innovation project.  Before she had ever heard of CaveSim, she decided that her project would be to build a voice recording / playback device to help her remember to do things. When I heard about Anna’s project from her dad, I invited them to the CaveSim lab to learn about electronics.  She explored CaveSim, which has voice modules (the modules say things like, “Please do not shine your light on the bat!”)  The modules are the same ones that she could use for her project.  In the picture above, she is talking with me about the electronics of a voice module.  She is wearing a helmet because she enjoyed CaveSim so much that she didn’t want to take the helmet off!  She learned about various electronic components, and about how they’re like the plumbing in her house.  She also got to watch her voice make waves on the oscilloscope!

We enjoyed having Anna over because we believe in inspiring young people to follow their passion, whether that be electronics, science, art, or something else.  As we always tell kids, if you’re willing to learn and work hard, you too can build cool things like CaveSim.

Thanks again to everyone who supports us — you help us to teach kids like Anna to follow their dreams.

Anna's voice on the scope

Anna’s voice being played back on the scope. Photos by Dave and Tracy.