The 2012 NSS Convention (“MayaCon”) was a great success.  Convention attendees took roughly 350 trips through CaveSim during our week in Lewisburg, WV.  CaveSim is now safely back in Colorado, and we’re working on putting CaveSim permanently in a trailer.  Here’s our scoreboard with the Speleolympic winners (none of the CaveSim world records were broken).  If you’re a winner, contact us to claim your prize.  Click each image to enlarge it.
A crowd around CaveSim at MayaCon        Kids try the squeezebox

Left: Cavers gather around CaveSim waiting to explore it. Right: JSS kids try the Loyalhanna squeezebox. Photos by Natalie Pheasant.

Speleolympic winners
The final Speleolympic scores. Click to enlarge.

In case you had any doubts, CaveSim is great for people of all ages. We had a great time talking with this Airborne veteran at MayaCon, and he did really well crawling through CaveSim.

An experienced caver exits CaveSim

Here he is reviewing his score with Tracy and Carolyn Parsons:

An experienced caver reviews his score

Photos by Gill Gilliland

Thanks to the National Speleological Foundation Vehslage grant for making our trip to the 2012 NSS Convention possible.  Your support allowed us to reach hundreds of cavers and non-cavers, including many young cavers.