CaveSim travelled to Arizona to Kartchner Caverns for the second year in a row, this year for a 2-day program for Earth Day weekend.  About 278 people explored CaveSim, and many more enjoyed our demos with carbide lamps and rescue litter.  We also debuted a new demo with our cave rescue phones and some oscilloscopes, newly donated to us. This was our son’s first road trip, and he did great!  A big thank-you to Kartchner Caverns for inviting us down again.

Quick story: Take a careful look at the front of the truck, and you’ll see that something is missing. No front plate! It was so windy on the drive down that our truck’s rear license plate ripped off, leaving the screws behind. In Arizona, only a rear plate is required, so we put the front plate on the back of the truck, and then got new plates when we got home to Colorado. We now have more bolts holding both plates on.


Left: Dave driving CaveSim past the Kartchner Caverns main gate. Right: Our young caver driving the truck, with a tape measure handy for building more cave. Photos by Tracy Jackson