We’re excited to announce that CaveSim staff and volunteers have received the COVID vaccine, and we have resumed in-person CaveSim programs at school in several states.  Last week, the mobile cave was in Jackson, Mississippi for a 4-day program for 6th and 7th graders at Jackson Academy.  In addition to exploring the mobile cave, students learned about physics on the 12-foot CaveSim tower, practiced teamwork with our Skedco stretcher, learned about bats with high-energy games, and practiced math skills while squeezing through the CaveSim squeezebox.  Students also did numerous hands-on labs, including the flashlight engineering lab and the slime mold biology lab.

We also recently deployed CaveSim to Aurora Hills Middle School for an after school program for low-income students.  The students loved the program, and several students used harnesses and ascending gear to climb the 12-foot ropes tower.