This was our second year doing programs for students in the Grove Public School District.  This year, we expanded our program beyond Elementary School and we worked with older students as well.  A huge thanks to caver and teacher Deitra Biely for making this 5-day program happen!

Dave at home preparing Petri dishes with agar for our high school biology lab about cave biota. During the lab at Grove High School, a student asked his teacher, “Why can’t we do this kind of thing in biology class?” to which Dave replied, “This IS biology class!”  Student: “Oh, right!”  Photo by Tracy Jackson. 


Left: Dave and Pat demonstrate rappelling and ascending on the new tower. Right: caver Brent Biely having fun in the squeezebox during the after-school program. Photos: Paul Schwotzer.


Left: High school biology students explore CaveSim and look for cave biota. Right: Dave teaching knots. Photos by Paul Schwotzer.


High school students learn Single Rope Techniques (ascending) on our new tower.  These students volunteered with us later in the week by teaching the 3rd graders all about bats. Photos by Paul Schwotzer.