Bringing CaveSim to Good Shepherd for 87 sixth and seventh grade students was great fun, and we’re so glad that teacher Annette Humphrey worked with us to organize this great program!  We had fantastic help from Jackson Fulcher, Patricia Malone, and Monica and Mara Backsen.  Mara is an 8th grade student who did an awesome job teaching the younger students about bats and epidemiology with our new White Nose Syndrome lab.

Students have fun learning about echolocation and bats.  All photos from this program by Monica Backsen.

8th grade student Mara Backsen teaches the 6th and 7th graders about bats and gives instructions for the epidemiology lab.

Students having fun learning about White Nose Syndrome and epidemiology.

Students show the results of their White Nose Syndrome lab with a giant graph.