For the fifth year in a row, CaveSim educated hundreds of kids and adults at UCCS (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) during the CoolScience festival.  We had great volunteers: a huge thanks to Dani, Todd, Floyd, Bekah, Slade, Kevin, and our other volunteers.  Floyd took some great pictures of the event:


Above left: Kids learning about cave formations from Dave while waiting to go through CaveSim. Above right: Visitors review their scores with the help of Dani (red shirt), one of our awesome volunteers.  Photos by Floyd Fernandez.


Above left: Visitors learned about cave formations, cave rescue gear, bats and more.  Above right: our new squeezebox lets participants safely try fitting through a tight squeeze.  Quick-release action prevents visitors from getting stuck.  Photos by Floyd Fernandez.


Above left: A cave model built several years ago by 4th and 5th graders in Catamount Institute‘s Young Environmental Stewards club is still in use today. It demonstrates the challenges posed by quarrying near caves.  Above right: A panoramic view of our event. Visitors waiting in line stay engaged with our many lessons and demos. Photos by Floyd Fernandez.

A time-lapse video of our event. We keep pretty busy!  Video by Dave Jackson