At CityRock, our caving camps are about much more than just having fun. Our participants learn the conservation ethic, and sometimes get to put what they’ve learned into practice. During a recent real caving trip, our participants took the time to clean up some terrible vandalism done by thoughtless people. Here are some pictures of the vandalized area before and after the cleanup:

It’s sad that thoughtless people feel the need to leave their mark on beautiful natural areas, but it’s encouraging that we get to teach young people both to not wreck an area and also to help clean up after others.

Art has it’s place, but that place isn’t on a cave wall covered in delicate crystals! This is what our caving campers took the initiative to clean up. Photos by Khylin Verplank.

After the cleanup, no evidence is left of the mud sculptures on the delicate wall. Photo by Gabe Wright.


Our campers also learned about calcium carbide during this fun demo: