Thanks to the generosity of our backers, we had a record day at the 2012 CoolScience Festival with over 320 kids (and some adults) exploring CaveSim.

The enclosed CaveSim trailer on a busy day

People gather around the CaveSim trailer at the CoolScience Festival.  Photo: Jay Alexander.

A boy's first caving trip

A boy avoids the cave bacon while exploring the deepest part of CaveSim.  This photo was taken by looking in one of our three emergency exits.  The black box to the right of the boy is a cave rescue cache like the ones located in many Colorado caves.  Photo: DeeAnn Rothstein, CoolScience.

Dave at the back of the trailer

Dave, at the back of the trailer.  Participants enter and exit at the front of the trailer.  Photo: DeeAnn Rothstein, CoolScience.