This was a great four-day program for 635 students in grades K-5 and 8.  Our program including the vertical caving tower, rescue practice with the Sked, fun (and math) with the squeezebox, several bat games, and of course the mobile cave.  We had awesome help from Trisha Beudreau, Patricia Malone, Layla Borgens, and Jackson Fulcher.

Teacher Laura Tickle said of the program, “this was as wonderful program and the kiddos loved it! We are so glad we did it.


8th grade students learn how to ascend a rope using mechanical ascenders (the Frog system), with help from Dave. Photo credit: Laura Tickle and Emily Ward.

An 8th grade student works his way through the squeezebox while another student stands on the lid to keep the lid from lifting up. Students measure the box to see who fits through the tightest space (and to practice their math and measurement skills). Photo credit: Laura Tickle and Emily Ward.