Huge thanks to Jennifer Shackelford of the Mammoth Cave Environmental Education department for organizing these programs, and for providing staffing to help us teach about 580 students over the past two days!  We worked with 330 7th grade students on Tuesday, and 250 4th graders on Wednesday.  Long-time CaveSim supporter and friend Michael Gundlach also helped with the programs, and came all the way from Georgia to do so!

The photos below are by the Allen County Schools PR staff.


Dave teaches 4th grade students about helictites (above) and gypsum (below).


Below, Michael Gundlach introduces students to the many CaveSim activities they will experience, including the squeezebox on which he’s standing.

Below, Dave helps students adjust their helmets in preparation for exploring CaveSim.

Below, a student with an especially good answer gets a high five from Dave during a lesson on speleology (how caves form)

Below, Ranger Jim holds down the lid of the squeezebox while CaveSim staffer Michael Gundlach helps a student measure the opening of the box.