Cave conservation education event for the USFS, 7/30-8/3/2018


CaveSim will conduct five days of cave conservation education for students, the general public, and the caving community in Helena, MT during the week of July 30th - August 3rd, 2018 in partnership with the US Forest Service.  Visitors will be able to explore the mobile CaveSim system to learn about conservation of caves, karst, cave biota, and groundwater.  Visitors will also be able to learn about vertical caving and mechanical advantage on a 12' tower, learn about cave rescue using a real rescue stretcher and field telephones, and learn about White Nose Syndrome and the value of bats to humans.  Programming will specifically include:

  • A free public event for local people in the Helena area on 8/1/2018.  Forest Service staff will be doing stations about bears and bats alongside CaveSim staff who will be running CaveSim activities (listed above).
  • A free program for children enrolled in a summer camp at ExplorationWorks in Helena on 8/2/2018.  Museum staff will be bringing over a group of kids for a half-day program at the CaveSim trailer.  Museum staff are very enthusiastic about this program, but they don't have funding in their budget to help with the cost, so USFS funding will make this program possible.
  • CaveSim will be free for all Convention attendees to use during Convention.

$ 1,000.00