Online Summer Camp: Ages 12-15, June 15-19


Join us for an exciting, entertaining online camp. While staying at home, participants will do hands-on activities like slicing rope with string, making their own caving flashlights from scratch, doing cave-rescue challenges, and creating cave models. We'll do a live online session each day for 90 minutes led by expert CaveSim staff who have been teaching for over ten years, running camps since 2016, and doing online classes for schools since March of 2020. Participants will learn leadership, communication, science, engineering, art, math, and more.

We know that different families are in different places financially, so we're offering a system that's like "pay what you can".  To keep it simple, we have three different levels.  All participants will be treated equally, regardless of what you choose to pay.  Choose your level below:

$ 199.00