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Upcoming Events:


A big thanks to teacher Cole Paris for organizing this program for his High School students.  The students will learn SRT (Single Rope Techniques), including rappelling, ascending, change-over, how to pass a re-belay, Prussik, and more.



We're excited to be working with this great school for the first time!


We are honored to be attending this fun public event for the fourth year.  This event is free with park admission.



This will be a fun, completely free caving trip with a group of highly-capable high school students. 

This will be a fun program for over 500 students, preschool through 5th grade.

We're excited about bringing CaveSim to Greeley for 170 students to explore.  A big thanks to teacher Shelby Ratzlaff for working with us to coordinate this program.


We're really looking forward to bringing CaveSim to Good Shepherd for 42 seventh grade students, and we're so glad that teacher Annette Humphrey is working with us to organize this great program!


We are honored to be bringing CaveSim to Cresson for the fifth consecutive year.





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