Lots of words here; please read them all!

The age limit for most of the caves in William's Canyon is 13 and up.


Print and sign the two waivers (four pages) below. We must give paper copies of these to Cave of the Winds before our trip. I will sign the "Witness" section of your waiver.
Get this gear together and bring it with you:
1. Helmet (climbing grade, with chin strap, not a construction hard hat) with a head-lamp and two back up light sources. If you need to borrow a helmet and/or lamp, let me know.
2. Sturdy clothes appropriate for the cave environment; dress warm, the cave is cool & damp. (Temperature is approximately 54ºF.)  I wear a synthetic t-shirt and running shorts under polypro long underwear under cotton overalls and have a fleece & stocking cap I put on if I'm cold.  No shorts. Bring a change of clothes to protect your car on the drive home. 
3. Sturdy, ankle-high, lace up leather boots or hiking shoes appropriate for the cave environment.
4. Gloves for warmth and to protect hands. Gardening type gloves are great.
5. Elbow and kneepads. (OPTIONAL but recommended.) The hardware store has kneepads for just a few bucks.  Get two pair and use one on your elbows under your long-sleeved shirt!
6. Water bottle or canteen, with water. You only need 1 quart. No hydration packs.
7. Lunch and high-energy snack, cave-safe non-crumbly, non-gooey foods + Medicine if needed (we may not be out of the cave until 4 depending upon what time we go in/what we do, etc...). Bring any regular/emergency medication you might need (example: inhaler)
8. Emergency whistle
9.Empty bottle in case you have to pee (Caving is a major LNT trip)  We will have an extra "solid waste" kit...
10. Small backpack to hold your gear


  • Park at the lower end of the lower lot at Cave of the Winds (this is the staff lot) not the upper main lot.  Cave of the Winds asks us to leave the upper lot for customers and the top of the lower lot for staff.  
  • Meet at Cave of the Winds, inside the main building, by the log tables @ 9:30 am.
  • Wear/bring the items on the list above.  Many of the caves have ladders, hand lines, mud slides, dirt, and rocks to climb. We will be in the cave all day, so remember your cave-safe lunch (nothing too crumbly or gooey)
  • Let us know at least a day in advance if you need to borrow gear, esp helmets or packs.  Also let us know if you have questions.


  • If you are sick, please do not come! We have a small child with immune challenges, and we don't want him to get hospitalized again. Please don't get us sick!
  • If you have a recent injury (concussion, surgery, etc.) please talk to us before you come.
  • If your plans change, please let us know ASAP, at least 3 days in advance.  Space is limited to 5 people per trip leader, so when I do pull a trip together, I try to be sure it is full.
  • If Cave of the Winds closes their road (e.g. for snow or ice), we will need to reschedule the trip.  Cave of the Winds does not announce road closures until the morning of each trip.