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This was a fun 1-hour program for about 50 Cub Scouts at Cross Timbers Elementary School.  Thanks to our friend Scott Hall for organizing the program.


This was our second visit to this school this year, and the students and teachers loved having us back.  We taught some new content (including our new lesson about waves and energy) to ensure that the students stayed engaged.


Our fourth visit to SMO was a big success.  We kept busy both days at this free public program.



We worked with the entire 2nd grade on Thursday, and the entire 5th grade on Friday.  The 5th grade students got to see our new physics lab in which we use cave rescue phones and other hardware to demonstrate electromagnetics, sound waves, and related mathematical concepts.


This was our second visit to this school this year.  We worked with the entire 4th grade, and they got to do several of our labs, including Karst Topography and our new physics lab.


Our second year at the Science Conference was a rousing success with all four of our sessions filled with participants.


This free public event was really fun for kids and adults alike.



The teachers at this school asked to schedule us again for next year even before our program with them was over!  A huge thanks to Patti Calabrese and Amy Morton for helping to staff this program.


This great program was sponsored by the City of Austin, and was a fun and educational activity for kids to do on the Columbus Day holiday.


Our third year bringing CaveSim to TCR was very successful.  Many seasoned cavers had fun exploring the cave, and so did some brand new cavers (both kids and adults).  A huge thank-you to the caving clubs (grottos) and individuals who sponsored our trip to Texas. 


We had beautiful weather and wonderful visitors during our first program at Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center.  Photos by Dolores Davis.

Kids have fun learning physics on the CaveSim A-frame (vertical caving tower).

Visitor center founder Lyda Hill, general manager Linda Carter, and special guest Kelli Harris stand with CaveSim owner and inventor Dave Jackson after Lyda explored CaveSim.


We were thrilled to be able to bring CaveSim to this wonderful event for the fourth consecutive year.  We had great weather and very strong turnout.  Our visitors were grateful for our new air conditioning!


CaveSim founder Dave Jackson (left) belays a participant as she hoists herself up the vertical caving tower.  Photo by David Coleman.

We love bringing our programs to this special retreat for very gifted kids and their families.  This was our fourth consecutive year with PGR, and we had a wonderful time facilitating our STEM labs, including our cave biology lab (with real live cultures), our waterproof flashlight lab, our epidemiology lab, and physics on the 12' vertical caving tower.  We also had the opportunity to demonstrate conservation of mass using our carbide demo. 


What a cool place to set up CaveSim, overlooking the beautiful Pactola Lake near Custer. Photo by Andrea Fountain, Black Hills Parks & Forests Association.

Dave helps two participants learn about vertical caving using the Frog System on the CaveSim vertical caving tower.  Photo by Andrea Fountain, Black Hills Parks & Forests Association. 


This was our second visit to Peoria Elementary, and we love working with these bright and respectful students.


The kids participating in this program just couldn't get enough, and the teachers had to plead with them to go home at the end of the day!


It was such an honor for CaveSim founder Dave Jackson to have his high school science teacher visit to see what CaveSim is all about.  Dr. John Moyle is an amazing educator, conservationist, and wonderful human being.


We were so glad to be invited back to Fernbank for our second program.


What a wonderful place!  We hope to make it back to this great museum again soon.


We were so glad to be able to celebrate National Cave & Karst Day at this wonderful show cave.  We had very challenging weather (gobs of rain), but we kept CaveSim open the whole time.



We were so impressed by the students who remembered what we taught them at another COMPASS program more than a year ago.  One student had basically all of the answers!


We had a wonderful Family Nature Night at this beautiful rural school, thanks to the support of The Colorado Department of Wildlife and their SOLE program.  We worked with lots of kids and their families at this K-8 school, and the program ran from 5PM-7PM, which fit in perfectly with our program in Cripple Creek in the morning (see next post).


This was our sixth consecutive year bringing CaveSim to this wonderful school.  The weather was so severe that the fire department packed up their demonstration and went home, but we stayed.  The kids are hearty and didn't mind the freezing fog.

Above, the students were all smiles after exploring CaveSim.  It was the last day of school, but we snuck in plenty of learning!  Below, students exploring the mobile cave.  Photos by Dave Jackson.



Above, students learn first-hand about pulleys and mechanical advantage on the 12' CaveSim A-frame.  Below, kids learn some basic circuits concepts while having fun with the cave rescue telephones.  Photos by Dave Jackson.



We were so honored to be invited to bring CaveSim to the 20th anniversary of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  CaveSim was so popular that we kept it open for an extra 90 minutes, and didn't close until 8:30PM!


This was our second year doing a four-day program at this wonderful charter school, and we worked with kindergarten through fifth grade.  Most of the students had seen CaveSim last year, but they loved getting to explore the cave again, and they all learned something new from all of the different activities that we brought.


We've been working with this great private school for eight years, and it was really fun to teach a great group of middle school students this year.  We did our advanced program, in which we taught vertical cave rescue on the 12' tower, as well has horizontal cave rescue using a stretcher and an obstacle course.  


A huge thank-you to our wonderful friend and teacher Richelle Gittens for making this program possible, and to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for providing much of the funding.


We're very grateful to all of the grottos, individuals, and other groups that are sponsoring our trip to Cookeville, TN this year for the national caving convention.


Barb Bentzin and Bob Montgomery



Irene Ludwig & Gerald Forney



 Eleanor Burns Larson & David F. Larson  




Despite terrible weather, we had a fantastic program.  We were able to pull the trailer under the awning at the front of the school, and we put the tower in the school's 12' tall atrium.  We worked with about 120 4th grade students (in five classes), and we did two of our labs (karst and formations) in addition to our standard program.


Photos by Amanda Lonberg, 4th grade teacher



Above, students learn about pulleys, mechanical advantage, friction, and other physics concepts on the 12' CaveSim tower with help from CaveSim instructor Jesse Yazzetti.

Below, CaveSim instructor Scott Hall teaches students to work together as a team to "rescue" a classmate using a real cave rescue stretcher.  Photos by Leah DeGiacomo, 4th Grade Teacher.


Below, students learn about how cave formations grow from CaveSim inventor Dave Jackson, who is holding both artificial cave formations (stalactites) and a real cave formation (a soda straw that formed on the edge of a swimming pool because of concrete dissolution and redeposition).  Also below, students play a blindfold game about echolocation with the help of some awesome parent volunteers.


This was our first program in this district, and it went really well!  We worked with 255 students in 3rd and 4th grade, and we had wonderful help from CaveSim staffer Jesse Yazzetti and our friend and volunteer Scott Hall.  We ran four stations, including the trailer, tower, cave rescue/squeezebox, and bats.

Above, students are all smiles after exploring CaveSim.  Photo by Dave Jackson.


We were excited to be able to bring CaveSim back to this great museum for the third time, and this time the museum had us do two days of public programs instead of one.  Thank you to CaveSim staffer Jesse Yazetti for doing such a great job with this program.


This afterschool enrichment program has been a big hit with the 19 students who are participating.  The kids are in 2nd - 5th grade, and have been enjoying our hands-on STEM labs, as well as our regular program.  A big thank-you to CaveSim staff member Jackson Fulcher and CaveSim volunteers Christine, Todd, Nicole, and Christa for helping make this program a big success.




We celebrated Bat Appreciation Day a few days early with this great event at Cave of the Winds.  Members of several grottos (caving clubs) came to staff booths and activities about bat conservation.  We brought CaveSim, which was popular with visitors of all ages.


Above, Dave works with participants on the CaveSim vertical caving tower as they learn about pulleys, simple machines, mechanical advantage, and other physics concepts (left), and Dave helps participants get geared up with knee pads and helmets to explore CaveSim (right). Photos by Mike and Donna Frazier.

Above, Dave by the CaveSim trailer just before visitors arrived.  The fun hand-painted sign was by Christine, who did a great job of organizing the event.  Photo by Mike Frazier.


A big thank-you to 5th grade teacher Becki Cummins for writing the grant to bring CaveSim back to Avery Parsons for a second year.  We worked with about 75 5th grade students for this full day program, which included several labs as well as all of our outdoor activities (CaveSim trailer, vertical caving tower, etc.)  A big thanks also to our friend Carole Perrin for allowing us to stay with her.


Above, a student has fun exploring CaveSim, while other students learn about pulleys and mechanical advantage from CaveSim staff member Jackson Fulcher. Photos by Heidi Leonhard, 5th grade teacher.


We put on a wonderful after-school program in partnership with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife SOLE program.  We worked with close to 200 students and family members during the two hour program, and had great help from Dan Sullivan in staffing the vertical caving tower.

Check out these great photos by Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff:

Above, finishing a fun trip through CaveSim. Below, having a blast on the CaveSim tower while learning the physics of simple machines.

Above, fun in the CaveSim squeezebox (with some good lessons about fractions). Below, Dave does a carbide lamp demo with a working acetylene light, while teaching chemistry concepts and vocabulary (like "exothermic reaction.")

Have we mentioned that we're passionate educators?  Dave teaches students that they, like him, can take what they learn in school and combine it with their passions to do something amazing.


There's certainly benefit to working with smaller groups.  We worked with just 55 students during this program, but these 5th graders got to do so many different activities, including our karst topography lab, and geology demos (below).

Above, students watch a rock dissolution demo. Photo by Vivian Loftin.

Above, students play with cave rescue phones as part of a lesson about basic electronics. Photo by Vivian Loftin.


On the evening of February 28th, we hurried over from McCallum High School to Wooldridge Elementary for an evening family science night, which kids loved.  We also worked with roughly 250 students in 1st-4th grade on March 1st, and we had amazing help from several Austin park rangers and from Vivian Loftin.

Here are some teacher quotes about the program, gathered by Melody Alcazar (Cities Connecting Children to Nature):

The survey also found that 10 out of 10 teachers said "Yes" when asked, "Would you like your students to participate if the CaveSim is brought back next year?"  These teachers rated the CaveSim experience a 9.5 out of 10.


We worked with over 1,100 students over the course of this four day program, and students learned about a wide variety of subjects, from conservation of mass/energy with carbide lamp demos to electromagnetism with cave rescue phone demos.  We had great help from Robin Gary and Jackie Vay of the Edwards Aquifer Barton Springs Conservation District, as well as from Denise and Mimi.

High school students get hands-on physics lessons with help from CaveSim staff member Mary Hicks. Photo by Edward Johnson, MacJournalism, McCallum HS.


We had a great turnout for this free public event, which officially ran from 10AM-3PM (although we ran from 9:45 to 3:30 to accommodate the strong turnout).  A big thank you to Alf Hawkins for sharing his photos:


This wonderful program was put on with fantastic help from several Austin park rangers.


Above, Dave teaches students about cave chemistry while they wait to explore CaveSim. Below, CaveSim staffer Mary Hicks helps students learn about pulleys, mechanical advantage, friction, and other physics concepts on the 12' CaveSim A-Frame. Photos by Melody Alcazar, Cities Connecting Children to Nature.

Above, students try the CaveSim squeezebox with help from an Austin Park Ranger. The park rangers did a great job of helping us staff this fun program. Below, students practice teamwork and communication skills with the cave rescue stretcher (Sked).  Photos by Melody Alcazar, Cities Connecting Children to Nature.


This was a great program for 3rd-5th graders, with awesome help from Dylan and Lindsey, as well as CaveSim staff member Mary Hicks.


This was a wonderful program for all of the 2nd graders at Hill.


Dave was honored to be invited by Geary Schindel to be the guest speaker at an installment of the Edwards Aquifer Brown Bag Lunch series.  In addition to presenting about CaveSim's educational activities, Dave and CaveSim staff member Mary Hicks brought CaveSim to the Edwards Aquifer Authority for staff and visitors to explore.  Despite the rain, we had about twenty folks explore the cave during their lunch break.  A big thank-you to Alf Hawkins for taking the pictures below and allowing us to share them with you!


What an awesome turnout we had for this two-day event!  We had wonderful help from volunteers Jon Cradit and Frances Ruby, as well as from CaveSim staff member Mary Hicks.


Above, San Antonio caver Bennett Lee is all smiles as he explores CaveSim for the first time, and some siblings have fun learning about vertical caving on the 12' CaveSim tower.  Photos by Frances Ruby.

Below, a zoomed-in picture of our new, comfy, and very safe Bosun's chair (which is also much easier to put on than a traditional harness).


We were so excited to be invited back to this awesome school!  We had wonderful help from CaveSim staff member Mary Hicks and volunteer Patty Calabrese.


PassmoreVR is an incredible caver-owned company based in Austin, TX, and they believe strongly in educating children about the importance of caves and conservation.  To demonstrate how strong their commitment is to conservation education, PassmoreVR is sponsoring two days of programs at Austin-area schools.  This great company is at the leading edge of virtual reality technology and production -- please support our sponsor by spreading the word about their amazing capabilities.


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