Oklahoma School Programs

CaveSim is based in Colorado, but we make regular trips to Oklahoma for school and general-public programs.  Our school programs are aligned with Oklahoma education standards as outlined in the documents below.  Please click below to see what each part of our program looks like:

CaveSim Programs for Oklahoma Elementary Schools



We've had the privileged of doing some truly wonderful programs in Oklahoma, as shown by the photos below.  We're excited about working with you, too.  Reach out to Dave at jacksondmit@cavesim.com to talk about how we can partner with you.

Just finishing a great trip through CaveSim at Grove Upper Elementary School.  Photo by 6th grade teacher Kim Hampton, September 2018.


Students at Grove High School are eager to learn about bat skeletal morphology from CaveSim lead educator Dave Jackson.  Photo by CaveSim staffer Mary Hicks, October 2018.


Grove HS students work with Dave on their cave biota lab experiments.  Photo by CaveSim staffer Mary Hicks, October 2018.


Grove HS students get a hands-on physics lesson involving friction and vertical caving rope.  Photo by CaveSim staffer Mary Hicks, October 2018.


Claire has fun exploring CaveSim at a free public program at Science Museum Oklahoma.  Photo by Amy Hall, May 2017.


A Grove HS student learns first-hand about vertical caving on the 12' CaveSim tower.  Photo by CaveSim volunteer Paul Schwotzer, May 2017.