Opened in July of 2016, The Cave at CityROCK Climbing Center is a huge system that includes a 40' rappel and all of our CaveSim computerized scoring system.  In keeping with our mission, The Cave is both extremely fun and highly educational (it teaches cave conservation and STEM subjects)

CityROCK is located at 21 N. Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs, and is open 7 days a week. For hours, call (719) 634-9099 or visit

Register for caving camp here:

Our latest addition: cave paintings based on real rock art in Sweetwater Indian Cave.

Below are some photos of the system and of our gym programs (camps, school groups, birthday parties, private and group lessons).

Ascending the 40' pit. Photo by Dan O'Sullivan.


Exploring carefully in the medium-difficulty loop. Photo by Dan O'Sullivan.


Having fun while avoiding the speleothems (cave formations, like stalactites and stalagmites).  Photo by Dave Jackson.


CaveSim is fun for grow-up kids too! Photo by Taylor Carillo.


Getting ready to rappel during Thanksgiving Caving Camp 2016. Photo by Dave Jackson.


Inside the pit during Winter Caving Camp 2016. Photo by Dave Jackson.


Dave teaches SRT during Winter Caving Camp 2016. Photo by Gill Gilliland.


Plenty of room for lots of happy cavers in this cave system. Photo by Dave Jackson.



During our caving camps, we devote one day to a real caving trip. Photo by Dave Jackson.